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If you are interested in joining the Robotics Camp team, please submit your CV/resume to Qualifications to be a camp couselor/instructor consist of being a minimum age of 18, currently attending a college or university, and having experience with children. Counselor positions consist of working a 5 or 6 day week. The first two and/or three weeks in July and the first two and/or three weeks in August. Prior to starting at the Robotics Camp, counselors are required to go through the training of Lego WeDo 2.0 and EV3 Mindstorms as well as take a full day first aid course.


At the Robotics Camp, all our counselors go through a Standard First Aid full-day course. Certified, through St. John Ambulance or the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the course covers emergency scene management, medical conditions, child resuscitation, various types of injuries, wound care, and more.


Avelino Morais

Camp Director

Director of the Robotics Camp, Avelino Morais, has a Bachelor of Arts, Specializing in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. He was awarded a three year grant from the Network of Innovative Schools Program of Canada in 2003. With this grant, he was able to purchase the equipment necessay to start a robotics and technology program at his school. At present, Mr. Morais teaches an intensive science and technology program at the senior elementary level.


Nicholas Kudo

Camp Director

Counselor Nicholas Kudo is pursuing a Bachelor of Science at Concordia University in Exercise Science, specializing in Athletic Therapy. He has years of experience working with the Lego Mindstorms products and was a three time medalist at the Junior Robotics Competition. In addition, Nicholas was a former camper at Robotics Camp and a member of Mr. Morais' school robotics team.


Benjamin Lusterio-Adler


Counselor Benjamin Lusterio-Adler is entering McGill's Mechanical Engineering program in the fall. A former captain and current mentor of his high school robotics team, Ben has seven years' experience working with students to build robots, and looks forward to meeting this year's campers.


Haley Brett


Haley Brett is studying creative writing at Concordia University. When she isn’t writing, she loves building things and working with kids. Before working for Robotics Camp, Haley has led and assisted with activities such as art, knitting, and woodworking for children.


Ellis Plant


Counselor Ellis Plant is going into grade 11 at St. George’s School of Montreal. He is planning on going into Mechanical Engineering in university. After eight years at the camp Ellis has gained a lot of experience in the programs and materials we use.


Melody Song


Counselor Melody Song is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Biology at McGill University. Not only does Melody enjoy music, sports, and volunteering to help kids code, but she has also participated in many local, national and international science fairs. Melody is excited to join the Robotics Team!


Kiana Brett


Counselor Kiana Brett is currently a student in the Communications department at Concordia University. She loves working with children and has five years of experience as a program animator for children ages 3-12 years old. Kiana is also an artist and professional photographer.


Mithura Sanmugalingam


Counselor Mithura Sanmugalingam is graduating this year with a Bachelor of Education (secondary level) with a major in Science and Technology at McGill University. She has experience teaching at schools and guiding students with an inquiry based approach to science. Mithura has facilitated at camps and animated STEAM activities at the Redpath museum and is looking forward to working with robotics at the Robotics Camp.


Caitlin Patrick


Counselor Caitlin Patrick is currently studying Kindergarten/Elementary Education at McGill University. She has prior work experience tutoring students with a hands-on approach and has also participated in fieldwork with elementary level students. Caitlin believes her approach to learning will be encouraging while working at the Robotics Camp!

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Anny Hang


Counselor Anny Hang is studying Computer Science and Biology at McGill University. She is interested in programming and robotics especially on its application on the biomedical field. Anny has worked with children, tutoring French and she is looking forward to helping students learn robotics.


Harrison Ahn


Counselor Harrison Ahn is studying Computer Engineering at Concordia University. He enjoys playing hockey, soccer, and designing his own mobile apps. Harrison has experience working with children as a Timbits Hockey instructor. He has also built a hovercraft as part of a school project.


Abeer Sud


Counselor Abeer Sud is a second-year health science student at Marianopolis. He is passionate about helping others and has already volunteered at our camp. Abeer has an interest in robotics and programming. He has won two gold medals in Science Fairs, one for UI development.


Edgar Jose Becerra Granados


Counselor Edgar José Becerra Granados is a student at F.A.C.E. high school of fine arts. This is Edgar's second year working at the robotics camp. Edgar is interested in pursuing a career in computer science and is already learning a few programming languages. Edgar also participated in two robotics competitions while in elementary school.


Jamie Savelson


Counselor Jamie Savelson is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Dawson College. He is looking forward to becoming a University student in the field of mechatronics. Jamie is part of the Dawson robotics team and he has seven years of experience with building and programming various types of robots, including LEGO Mindstorms.


Dana Ryashy


Counselor Dana Ryashy is currently studying Applied Computer Science at University of Montreal. Passionate about LEGO and programming, she is excited to share those interests with the campers this summer.


Roey Borsteinas


Counselor Roey Borsteinas will be entering McGill’s Mechanical Engineering programming in the fall. He is a former member of the Marianopolis Robotics Team where he was responsible for programming as well as electrical wiring and some aspects of design and assembly.  In his youth, Roey attended the Robotics Camp for several years and has previously volunteered at the camp.


Darcy Loane-Billings


Counselor Darcy Loane-Billings is a honour roll student at Lower Canada College. He has been a member of the LCC Robotics Club for three years and has participated in the CRC Robotics Competition. Darcy has attended the Robotics Camp for six years, and was a counselor-in-training at a children's film-making camp last year. He is keen to pursue a career in science and computers.

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