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Welcome to The Ultimate Construction Camp!

This ultimate summer construction LEGO camp is a fun and creative learning experience for children. Kids will explore and experience a world without limits in our high-tech, interactive Robotics Camp that stimulates the imagination. Using LEGO robotic systems, children will work to design, build and program a robot to perform a number of tasks. Children will also have the option of constructing robots and structures using other building kits. The challenges presented at the Robotics Camp are designed to introduce kids to basic robotic and engineering concepts or to build on previous knowledge of robotic and engineering systems.


The Robotics camp is recommended for ages 7 to 14. No prior experience is needed. Daily sessions include instruction and activities for learning building and programming skills, as well as working on robotics projects and challenges with guidance. The Robotics Camp also includes the use of various coding software such as Scratch, MakeCode, Swift Playgrounds, Tynker and Robot C. One hour of outdoor physical activity is an integral part of the day.

Our Mission & Philosophy

The Robotics Camp is a place where learning and fun are an integral part of each other. We encourage creativity by providing opportunities for campers to explore and discover using LEGO products as the driving force. The Robotics Camp introduces campers to computer concepts and programming software, such as computer block coding. We provide a safe and secure environment where campers feel confident, friends are made and positive experiences leave a long-lasting impression. 

Our History
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Robotics Camp was started in the summer of 2007 by Avelino Morais, a science and technology elementary teacher. As part of his school program, robotics has helped incorporate physical science components (robotics and engineering) often not seen at the elementary level. Realizing the potential of how building and programming could be used as an educational tool to captivate children, Morais set out to start the Robotics Camp.


In the summer of 2007, the Robotics Camp was located in the premises of Westmount Park Church. With the success of the 2007 summer camp, it was obvious that a larger and more accessable facility was needed. In 2008, the Robotics Camp was relocated to Dawson College.


Enrolment at the Robotics Camp has significantly increased since 2007. 27 children attended the camp in 2007 and 71 children in 2008. Enrolment grew to 153 children in 2009 and all 208 spots were filled in the summer of 2010. The Robotics Camp continues to expand as demand for placements increase.

Privacy Policy
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The Robotics Camp is committed to protecting the privacy of camp families and campers. Any confidential and personal information is collected through registration forms, on-line registration forms you complete on our website or through amilia, photos and videos taken during the camp season and through individual conversations between you and the camp staff. We do not collect information without your knowledge.


The purpose in collecting information from you is to process registrations, collect fees, assess the interests of our campers, assemble statistics on our customers and act on your behalf in cases of injury or emergency. Photos and videos taken during the camp are solely used for educational and promotional purposes (eg. website).


We are committed to a safe, nurturing, and caring camp environment. Therefore, information you provide about your child may be shared in confidence with the camp staff in order to meet these goals. Information about campers with life-threatening conditions (eg. allergies) or conditions which increase their vulnerability (eg. asthma) are shared with other staff involved in the operation of the camp. During an emergency, information may be shared with emergency service personnel. In all of these situations, information released will be limited to only that which is absolutely necessary to assist the camper.


Your personal information is not provided or sold to any external organization for any purpose. We will take every step to protect the confidentiality of and access to the information you provide. Your personal information is kept secure for a minimal period as required by law. Access to information outside the camp season is limited to authorized senior staff of the camp.


Questions or suggestions are welcome, and should be directed to the Camp Director.

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